About Us

Welcome to Posh Apparel – Where we dare you to be yourself.

Unique designs.  Quality pieces.  Unbeatable style.  Affordable prices.

 Posh Apparel might have officially opened our doors in 2020, but the heart and soul of our company began much earlier.  Inspired by modern designs, classic looks, trendy outfits, and edgy fashion, Posh Apparel has been cultivated and crafted our vision for an inclusive, versatile, and fun online apparel store for women who are eager to express themselves through fashion.  A women-owned and women-operated business, Posh Apparel is steadfast in our mission to provide on-trend, adaptable, comfortable, and affordable clothing that makes our clients feel beautiful from the inside out.  At Posh Apparel, we offer women’s clothing designed to make every customer feel like the exquisite queen or boss-babe she is.  No matter the mood, no matter the moment – Posh Apparel believes that every woman deserves to indulge herself with clothing that brings out the spark inside. 

At Posh Apparel, this is what we believe:  We believe in offering products that are of an exceptional quality, that are made and designed with comfort in mind, and are built to stand the test of time.  We believe every woman deserves to wear clothes that allow her to express herself and walk into any room confidently.  We believe that with the right clothes and the right mindset, we can do absolutely anything we set our mind to.  We believe as women, we are entitled to dress in whatever way ignites our souls, and we reserve the right to change our minds at any moment.  One day we can be feminine.  One day we can be powerful.  One day we can be classic.  One day we can be edgy.  At Posh Apparel, we believe in offering the clothes that liberate, inspire, and excite every single one of our customers.